Monday, 6 April 2015

Winnipeg Teddy Bear - Fireman Surprise!!!

Last month I fixed a doll for the same owner of this bear.  The doll belonged to her mother and she wanted the doll re-strunged so it could sit.  

She was so impressed with our work that the mommy wanted her little teddy bear fixed, but she only wanted the minimal because none of her family wanted the bear.  She wanted the Bear Doctor to replace the eyes, re-stuff one arm, give him nose job, and stuff the neck so his head wouldn't flop around.  

She has had this bear since she was a young child.  He was well played with and her mother mended and re-stuffed the teddy bear and even made a little hat and pants for him.  Unfortunately, the mommy took the pants with her so we didn't get a photo with him in it, but the hat was sewn on.  We just received pictures of me in my clothes sitting on my antique chair.  Please take a look at me!

The Doc noticed a strange bump and several hole in the one leg.  She just couldn't send the teddy home with holes and a strange bump.  So...She opened him up and found scraps of fabric in his leg.  


Just full of all sorts of scraps.

We even found a Custom Tailor Label inside the leg.  Strange??!!

These were his glass eyes.  Very usually eyes.  They were glued into the bears head; usually they have wire loops at the ends and are strung through the head of the bear.   I guess he wouldn't pass the Toy Manufacturing criteria.  Hum

I'm just a doll now!  I have a new nose and mouth, eyes, top cleaned and best of all my leg was re-stuffed with fiberfill.

When we showed the mommy the what was inside the bear...she almost cried.  The label was from her father who was a fireman in Winnipeg.  Her mother must have used it along with the other fabric to stuff the teddies leg.  Wonder what else is in this bear?   

Here I am fully dressed.  Don't I look smart!

Love sitting in my antique chair.

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