Sunday, 12 April 2015

Fur Bears Made Out of Old Fur Coats

After many years of clients asking if we could make their mom's fur coat into a bear, we decided to make them again.  Why do you ask?  The Bear Doctor retired from her old business and I told her that I would cut, sew, and stuff them.

Our first commission was from three siblings who wanted their mothers mink and beaver coats transformed into three bears. 

Stripping and cutting the coats....Ahhhhhhhh what a mess.  I killed the vacuum twice from cleaning up the cut fur from the floor.  Never use a vacuum to clean up fur bits.  It just doesn't work very well.

Three bears
Sewing the pieces together.  When you make more than one bear don't forget which piece goes to which bear!  Also during the sewing process I broke about 20 sewing machine needles sewing up the two beaver bears.  Very thick fur and leather, but it makes such beautiful bears.

For all of the bears paw pads we used some of the lining from one of the coats.  The leather was too though so we oped to use glass noses instead of embroidering them in.  Even putting the eyes in was not easy.  




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