Monday, 6 April 2015

Little Lion from Toronto Canada

This little guy was sent to us from Toronto, in a business size bubble wrap envelope.  He was a desperately needing a bath, stuffing, and fixed seams. 

I can barely sit up without falling over.  I look really bad.  Please help me!

I can't hold my head up!  Help

Oh how embarrassing.  You can see my wrinkles. 

Look at me now!  I'm clean and the Doc combed my fur until all the fluff was removed.  Then the Doc filled me to the brim with stuffing.  My Daddy is going to love me.  So happy that the Teddy Bear Doctor could breath new life into me. 

The Doc could not send me back in the small business size envelope, she had to make me a new box.  I was so happy to be flying 1st class instead of business.  Thanks Doc. 

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