Thursday, 24 September 2015

Suzy - Ideal Walking Doll - Having some joint and eye problems

This poor Suzy Walker needs some help!  Her eyes would not open...they were not balanced and she needed re-string - floppy head!   

This is Miss Suzy with her eye's balanced and her head re-strunged.  Her mom had created two outfits for her precious baby.

Saturday, 15 August 2015

Babo - Got your back - Kinda Stuffy - Watch out for your cookies!

Babo will protect you.  Having a bad day?  Someone giving you a hard time?  Babo's got your back. What Babo lacks in mind power, he makes up for in love.  He will stick with you to the end and when something scary happens, he will send you a nice greeting card from wherever he runs away to.  A very curious, mischievous creature, Babo may need some guidance and parenting, so make sure to bring him with you to as many places as possible.  Leaving him at home is fine, but please put all cookies and money on the highest shelf. 

After their spa treatment these Babos need a new mouth, eyes and stuffing to plump them up. These Babos were ready to go home. 

Wednesday, 27 May 2015

Corduroy Paws

  Another flea market bear needing some TLC.



Attached to his tummy is a sample of what his mohair was like before time deteriorated it.  

We fixed his arms and replaced his paw pads and added detail to his claws.  Bye cutie!


Monday, 25 May 2015

Amazing Johnny Bear's Story - Survives Bombing and Flies around with Tail Gunner

Johnny, a 4" bear, was given to Hank's granddaughter.  During WWII while her grandfather was in London he met a woman who lived above a pub.  During the London bombings the pub was hit. While searching through the rubble the woman found Johnny, surprisingly intact.

Hank was a Wing Commander in the Royal Canadian Air Force and the she gave Johnny to Hank as a good luck charm since he was a tail gunner, the most dangerous spot to be on the plane.

Hank kept Johnny in the pocket of his bomber jacket during his flights and his crew survived  more than a few close calls.  They eventually made Johnny part of roll call.  Once they even took off late because Hank had forgotten him in his bunk and he had to go back to get him.

Hank made over 61 flights with Johnny, which is an amazing number for a tail gunner.
So, as you can tell, he is a pretty amazing little guy.

Unfortunately Johnny met a dog!  This is the picture of what we received from the Granddaughter.  A dog she had been dog-sitting had gotten a hold of Johnny.

Such a sad moment for all.
At first glance the picture looked like....sorry to say...."dog turds".  Further inspection of the photo we discovered 2 arms, 2 ears, 2 legs, a body and part of a head.  Wow! What a challenge!  This is what we received in the mail:

Small bag

What was inside the bag
 He was mostly there, but so tiny.  Was I up to it??  Well it was a challenge.  Small bear...means you need really good eyesight.  Which neither of us have. 

Drum roll bears!........Finished.  Not easy but after figuring out what goes where it was smooth sailing.  More or less. 

 "I'm ready for my next adventure....just keep those darn dogs away."

Standing 4 inches high

Tuesday, 19 May 2015

White Gund Kitty...Who had Seen Better Days

Another dog attach!!  Poor little guy.  This mean dog ate an eye and a nose and ripped a hole in the side of the kitty's face.  Some how all the kitty's stuffing was removed by the dog!  What destruction a dog can do to to a small stuffy.


What magic the Teddy Doctor has.  New eyes, new nose and stuffing.  Best of all the dog slime has been removed.  


I'm so cute
Snap shot of my new friend!  We were so exhausted after a romp around the house.

Are you kidding me.  You can't squeeze me back in that envelope!  I know I came in it, but please look for a box.

Wednesday, 13 May 2015

My Name is Snakey - A Trudi Snake, Robert, from Italy

This little guy is a Trudie snake from Italy.  Snakey is well traveled, but he is showing signs of wear from all his adventures.  He might be lacking some small rodents in his belly.  

We didn't have to do too much with this little guy except add some more stuffing.  

Now I'm stuffed!  Ready to slither on home.


Tuesday, 5 May 2015

Mamoo The Very Long Neck Bear

This bear was given to a baby girl, by her grandmother, 27 years ago.  The girl named it Mamoo because it was some of the first sounds she could make as a small child.  This bear accompanied her everywhere.  

It was starting to show her age from all the love and attention the girl gave Mamoo.  This was a life saving was an emergency because the bear's head was being held by a flap of fabric.  The family used a tensor bandage to hold the bears head on.  They saw our web site Bearland Hospital and thought it best to contact us before they attempted to fix Mamoo. 

Tensor Bandage holding bear's head on
Flap of fabric holding the head on

Mamoo was unstuffed of her old stuffing, cleaned, and sewn. Then we partially stuffed Mamoo in order to stitch up the worn off areas where the fur had come off.  I thought that the neck was still too long but we had to ask the owner of the bear if this is how she wanted her.  

Neck is still too long!
She said, 'No...the neck looked too long!'  So the Bear Doctor make the neck shorter and resent the photo of Mamoo and we got an all clear!  Mamoo looks so much better with a shorter neck.  Next the patch work on the bare fur.

Before fancy stitch work
The Doctor used some creative stitching and patch work to repair the balding spots on Mamoo.  So many bare spots!  Looking good.  As requested from the owner, the eyes and nose were to be left the same. 

This girl is ready to go home to the Island.  Take care Mamoo.

After fancy stitch work

Tuesday, 28 April 2015

Domo Japanese Mascot Needs New Life

Domo (どーも くん Dōmo-kun?) is the official mascot of Japan's public broadcaster NHK.

This Domo was found at a garage sale and his owner wanted him cleaned and restuffed!  He sounded very crunchy - filled with styrofoamchips.  The new owner hated the crunchy sound or feel of him, but there was something about him that this owner just loved.


The inside of Domo...hum not sure what it was.

Wow looks like soap chips.  Amazing companies put in kids stuff toys!

Poor Domo turned inside out, but we removed all the crunchy stuff.  

All cleaned and re-stuffed with fiberfill.  Looking good Domo.

"Sunny the Bear" In a Bank Caper 1975

This little guy came to us from California.  Hello the Sunny State. 

Well Sunny the Bear has an interesting story.  He was a free give away bear for the Crocker National Bank in California if you opened a new account.  This was probably the first time a bank gave anything for free!   People were coming in by the car loads to get a Sunny Bear.  Yes there were a lot of angry people who didn't get their bears because there were not enough in California.  The bank ordered more and transported these bears all over the state. (Beaver County Times: "Sunny The Bear" in a Bank Caper: Los Angeles)

Sunny Bear's face looked moth eaten and his nose was almost off.  He was stuffed with the doctor's favorite stuffing - FOAM CHIPS!  What a mess.  After a good clean, his face was removed to create a pattern.  Little scary looking.

Crocker Bank Tag

He really needs a nose job!
These are the pieces of the inset muzzle.  They had been sewn and re-sewn numerous times!  Fortunately the one on the left was almost complete, so we could make a pattern.  Now try to put it back together.  It wasn't easy.


After several attempts at putting the face together, it finally worked.  I had to use my son's bear to help match up the pieces.

I look soooo much better

Here are the two of them together.  Similar but with minor differences.  Both of them were given away as a bank promotion in the 70's.

Monday, 20 April 2015

"Flea Market 2014" Lefty. One Armed Bear

This guy was found in a flea market for $10.00, but he was missing his left arm, both eyes, his paw pads needed replacements, and his ears need reattachment.

The socks were to keep the excelsior from escaping.  Lefty's legs were in better shape than what we anticipated.  What a relief.  


View of his ear.  I feel his pain...I had a similar boo-boo when I was a small child.  

Close up of his limbs.  Not too bad.


Done at last - new arm, new eyes, new paw & foot pads and ears secured!  For the new arm, the Bear Doctor used new mohair and distressed it by pulling out the fibers and filed the arm with a metal file.  Lefty no more..Just "Cutie Pie" for this little guy.