Monday, 12 November 2018

More Teddy Miracles

More Teddy Miracles

Miracles are happening every day at Bearland

BUT Sometimes they seem impossible!

Watch for the Winnie the Pooh at the end of the video.  This little guy came all the way from Mexico.  His body was all worn out from loving.  It seemed like an easy task at first, but turned into a nightmare!  I went to more than 20 thrift stores over the Thanksgiving weekend looking for a donor bear.  I found loads of Pooh Bears, but the new ones are the wrong color match. 

I finally found a Pooh rug that was a good match at the last thrift store. See him lounging on the rug.

Teddy Bear & Stuffy Miracles


 Some of Bearland Miracles.  
Video made for the West Coast Christmas Show

Before & After - The Dragon

The Dragon

The dragon's head was in tatters.  The first thing was to find some matching fabric.



Then the head had to be carefully taken apart so it could be used as a pattern. 


Wednesday, 7 November 2018

Before & After - What Happened To My Eyes????

 That was a tough fight!

              Before                                                       After          


Before & After - Yellow Teddy

I came to the hospital with a broken neck - too much lovin.
I left with a spa treatment, a repaired back and reconnected neck.

Ready to go home

Before & After - Panda

We have been so busy fixing teddies and other stuffies that we haven't been able to post for a long time.  Recently someone requested that we just show more before and after pictures.  So here goes a few:

This poor panda had lots of holes in his head - excelsior falling, stains and lots of dirt.
After taking him apart, removing weird stuffing and cleaning, we began to repair his face.

Putting the head together

                                                      Together and clean at last