Tuesday, 5 May 2015

Mamoo The Very Long Neck Bear

This bear was given to a baby girl, by her grandmother, 27 years ago.  The girl named it Mamoo because it was some of the first sounds she could make as a small child.  This bear accompanied her everywhere.  

It was starting to show her age from all the love and attention the girl gave Mamoo.  This was a life saving request...it was an emergency because the bear's head was being held by a flap of fabric.  The family used a tensor bandage to hold the bears head on.  They saw our web site Bearland Hospital and thought it best to contact us before they attempted to fix Mamoo. 

Tensor Bandage holding bear's head on
Flap of fabric holding the head on

Mamoo was unstuffed of her old stuffing, cleaned, and sewn. Then we partially stuffed Mamoo in order to stitch up the worn off areas where the fur had come off.  I thought that the neck was still too long but we had to ask the owner of the bear if this is how she wanted her.  

Neck is still too long!
She said, 'No...the neck looked too long!'  So the Bear Doctor make the neck shorter and resent the photo of Mamoo and we got an all clear!  Mamoo looks so much better with a shorter neck.  Next the patch work on the bare fur.

Before fancy stitch work
The Doctor used some creative stitching and patch work to repair the balding spots on Mamoo.  So many bare spots!  Looking good.  As requested from the owner, the eyes and nose were to be left the same. 

This girl is ready to go home to the Island.  Take care Mamoo.

After fancy stitch work

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