Monday, 25 May 2015

Amazing Johnny Bear's Story - Survives Bombing and Flies around with Tail Gunner

Johnny, a 4" bear, was given to Hank's granddaughter.  During WWII while her grandfather was in London he met a woman who lived above a pub.  During the London bombings the pub was hit. While searching through the rubble the woman found Johnny, surprisingly intact.

Hank was a Wing Commander in the Royal Canadian Air Force and the she gave Johnny to Hank as a good luck charm since he was a tail gunner, the most dangerous spot to be on the plane.

Hank kept Johnny in the pocket of his bomber jacket during his flights and his crew survived  more than a few close calls.  They eventually made Johnny part of roll call.  Once they even took off late because Hank had forgotten him in his bunk and he had to go back to get him.

Hank made over 61 flights with Johnny, which is an amazing number for a tail gunner.
So, as you can tell, he is a pretty amazing little guy.

Unfortunately Johnny met a dog!  This is the picture of what we received from the Granddaughter.  A dog she had been dog-sitting had gotten a hold of Johnny.

Such a sad moment for all.
At first glance the picture looked like....sorry to say...."dog turds".  Further inspection of the photo we discovered 2 arms, 2 ears, 2 legs, a body and part of a head.  Wow! What a challenge!  This is what we received in the mail:

Small bag

What was inside the bag
 He was mostly there, but so tiny.  Was I up to it??  Well it was a challenge.  Small bear...means you need really good eyesight.  Which neither of us have. 

Drum roll bears!........Finished.  Not easy but after figuring out what goes where it was smooth sailing.  More or less. 

 "I'm ready for my next adventure....just keep those darn dogs away."

Standing 4 inches high

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