Friday, 17 April 2015

Monkey Business

Neat monkey!  We think he is about 60 years old.  This old man has a felt face, hands, and feet.  The body is made out of mohair and he is stuffed with excelsior.  

The only repairs made, were replacement of the felt hands and feet.  Including reattaching the metal wires that can pose the monkey's hands and feet.  

This is another repair from a dog attack.  Luckily the dog only ate the hands and feet. 

   The metal wires sticking out of the felt feet.  It wasn't easy to reattach the hands and feet with the metal wires in the correct place.
The Doctor finished the repair.  Not an easy repair but it was completed with the metal wires placed in the correct place.  

 Close up of the hands and feet.  


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