Wednesday, 15 April 2015

Little Miss Pinky Bear

This little Miss Pinky Bear came to us from Vancouver Island.  Not too far but she did have to take a ferry to get to the hospital.

Just love the colour pink!  If you look at the top of her leg you can really see the difference in colour; so  usual in an older bear.  Too bad it has faded so much.      

Missy really needed some major mending - broken leg, ruptured belly, paw pads worn, eyes that needed to be attached, and surface cleaning..

Back view...Check out her necklace.

Close up view of this beautiful bear.  I love her embroidered nose.   Very different style from other bears we have worked with. 

Finally all back together and ready to dance - new pad pads, leg attached, belly sewn up and a new growler added so I can roar.

Look at my intricate paw pads...the details on this bear is quite amazing.  We copied the embroidery on all of the paw pads.  Even the foot pads had details. 

All finished and she is ready to go home.  My favorite is her very stylish pop beads!  The 60's lives on with this little Miss Pinky Bear.  I love the 60's!!!!   

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