Friday, 17 April 2015

Down Under Koala Meets Killer Dog

This Koala, originally from Australia, now living in Vancouver, had a run in with a dog.  The dog pulled off the Koala's eyes and paw pads.  Pure talent.  Fortunately he didn't eat them - guess they weren't tasty.  

 Dogs are the number one destroyers when it comes to stuffies.  Keep your precious stuffies away from your four legged family member.  They just don't care whether it is yours or theirs. 

My eyes and paws...ripped off by a DOG!
"I can see again!"  Not an easy fix but the Teddy Bear Doc did it.  She even added some more black paint to my nose.  Wow...I'm not hanging out with the dog anymore...I'm staying up high in the trees where I belong. 

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