Thursday, 12 February 2015

The Last Mimzy 3 Times!!!

I got a call from an anxious mom who had the last Mimzy doll.  The head had come off and her daughter was in tears!  I said I could fix her, but I wondered how she knew it was the last Mimzy.  Maybe it was really valuable.  

I mentioned it to my business partner wondering how the mom knew it was the last one.  She laughed and said it was a movie!  She loaned me the movie so I could watch it while I mended the Last Mimzy.  

We've now had 3 Mimzy in the hospital at various times.  

The first Last Mimzy came in with her head off: This was an easy repair, since the head could be easily rejointed.

However, 2 weeks later, she again came into see the doctor. Now an arm had come off.
The knitted fabric had stretched, so the joints were all coming out. We took her all apart and reinforced the joints. Now she's as good as new!



The second Mimzy came in with an arm off.  As with the first one, we rejointed her.  We checked the other joints and they looked solid.  She was told to return if any other limbs came loose.  She didn't come back so we're sure she's doing fine.

We were contacted about a third Last Mimzy came from Florida with a broken voice box.  We didn't think we could fix it, but suggested where they might get a recordable voice box and record the sound.  We received Mimzy and a new sound box.  When we opened and removed the old sound box, we discovered it was powered by batteries.  We removed and replaced the corroded batteries.  We contacted the owner who asked to have the old one put back in and the new one in the other leg.  Now she has a back-up voice!

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