Friday, 13 February 2015

Bertie the Bear with surprises inside

Bertie came to us, well loved.  Someone used corduroy patches on his legs and had carefully darned a number of holes on his head, arms and legs. Bertie's joints were also falling apart!  Major operation.


 When we opened him up, we were surprised what we found: magazine pieces from 1947, extra corduroy pieces, a metal plate in one joint, a wheel from a child's toy, a broken growler and small wood pellets.

Items we found in the bear
The toy wheel used a a joint

After taking him all apart except the head, we cleaned him thoroughly.  Originally we were going to leave the corduroy patches on his legs, but on inspection from the inside we discovered that one leg had been darned and the other one just had a small hole which was easily repaired.  After fixing all the holes and making new paw pads, Bertie was put back together and given a new nose.  We left the head with the lopsided ears and eyes, since that made Bertie special.

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