Friday, 13 February 2015

Floppy "Dee an Cee" composition baby doll

This little baby doll came to us with loose joints which the momma wanted us to fix so that she could sit without flopping over.  The Bear Doctor gave this unsual job to me.  Many years ago I use to make porcelain and composition dolls and I was up to the challenge.

The momma was surprised to see under her clothing that she had a bandage wrapped around her body and a button on her left shoulder.  

History of Dee an Cee:

Dee an Cee was a Canadian doll manufacturer from 1938 to 1964. The name was derived from the first letters of the last names of the two founders, Max Diamond and Morris Cone. The company motto was “Quality above all”.

Dee an Cee was the first Canadian doll company to advertise on television. After the firm was sold to Mattel in 1962, manufacturing in Canada was gradually discontinued. The name was no longer used after 1964.

Closer examination the body was cracked and the button was holding the hook for the left arm.  The momma told me that this doll was hers and that someone must have drilled a hole in the arm to reattach the hook and bandaged her up - maybe her own mother.

Markings on back

I removed her old elastic and re-strung her with some new elastic. Now she is ready to go home.  Love history and it was great to work with a Canadian.

All ready to go

Button in the shoulder

Bandaged wrapped body

All dressed to go

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