Wednesday, 18 February 2015

Bob the Dog a Wedding Present

Toilet paper roll in neck
Bob the Dog came to us after many previous attempts to revive him.  For a surprise, his grandmother wanted to fixed him for her daughters wedding present.  Bob the Dog had an unusual assortment of stuffing - a toilet paper roll inserted into his neck to hold his head up; one of her daughters tried fix his floppy neck.  There were also 6 to 7 pairs of nylon pantyhose plus old fabric, toilet paper and plastic pellets. 

Look at my neck

We removed all the old stuffing, the toilet paper roll neck and gave him a much needed bath.  The holes were sewn up and new stuffing which brought him back to life.  Now he was ready for the wedding!


Look what was inside me.  Yuck

Ready for the Big Day!
I'm so cute

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