Sunday, 15 March 2015

Tiger Splits in Two! Shocks Momma

Tiggy, "I have had better days!"  Well we are not sure what happened to this little guy, but we can only imagine.  Maybe a tug-a-war? (We are still researching the reason for such a traumatic injury).  The boy friend scooped up all the remains of the little guy and carefully mailedl him from New Brunswick.  Wow a long way for this little guy to come for a repair!

Ripped in two!

Finished results.  He was washed and re-sewn.  It was not an easy task since we didn't know what it looked like.  It took several tries until we eventually looked online to see what the original tiger looked like.  Thank you internet. 

I'm so happy. 

Can you see my scar?

Not bad.  Almost can't see the rip.

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