Saturday, 14 March 2015

Déjà vu...Wow Another Dee An Cee Composition Doll?

A little bit about me:

My first love are dolls.  When I was a teenager, I wanted to make dolls.  Looking back, it was mighty strange for a teenager to have the desire to make dolls.  So I found a place that had youth classes to learn the art of making porcelain dolls.
 My teacher encouraged me to put some of my dolls in the Annual Doll Competition....and I won a lot of them.  Lots of fun.  Unfortunately, I grew tired of making them, but I still love hunting for the dolls that sing my name.

Enough about me!

The Momma of this composition doll, told me that she had a really hard time finding someone local to fix her doll.  I was kind of surprised that she found us, since we are a Teddy Bear Store.  I told her that I would be glad to look at it to see if I could fix it.  When I examined the doll, I told the Momma that I could re-string the doll.  She was so happy that I could do it.  This was her mom's doll and her mom just passed away not very long ago.  Sentimental value...I understand.

This poor baby doll really needs some TLC.  No markings on her but she looks like Dee An Cee Doll...Canadian Doll.  Poorly re-strung, she can barely sit up.  Cracks on her body which the previous owner had  mended with large staples.  Wow I'm amazed at the workmanship, trying to keep the doll together.  Next, the doll has large chunks of her thick paint chipped off.  I suggested stocking and shoes for protecting the damaged foot and leg.

Staple holding her together and missing heel

After taking her apart, the previous fixer upper used a large rubber band to string her together.  Hum very crafty person.  I was all ready to re-string her, but she was missing an "s" ring in her head!  Where do you get something like that?

I found the "s" ring at Home Depot.  Thank you!  Attached the "s" rings in all the limbs and re-strung her.  We called her Momma the next day and when she saw her she almost started to cry.  It is so wonderful that I could help fix her mother's doll.  Just a little bit of her history restored.  

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