Friday, 6 March 2015

Bobo - Cheeky Bear by Merrythought

Bobo had been laying quietly in his owner's closet when his owner noticed an odd smell.  When she took Bobo down, she noticed that he had some burn marks on his fur.  Unfortunately he was too close to a  light blub in the closet.  She contacted us to see if we could restore him.

At first glance, he didn't look to bad.  When we opened him up, we were shocked!!  His fiberfill was just like charcoal.  The smell was so awful that we had to take him apart outside.
If he had stayed in the closet much longer, he could have caught on fire.  We removed all the black stuffing, washed and washed him and set about the repairs.

Bag full of burnt fiberfill

We decided not to replace some of the scorched fabric as a remembrance of what happened to Bobo.

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