Tuesday, 3 March 2015

Cowardly Lion Puppet

During my life as a young Lion Puppet, I was carefully played with by my owner.  He took me on all his adventures, until one day he put me in storage.  I was very sad to be left alone for so long.  A rat used me for nesting material.  When my owner found me I was such in disarray, holes all over my body.  I shook from fright.  Fortunately my owner found the Teddy Bear Doctor.

Rat chewed holes in me

Now after a total body reconstruction, I'm ready to go home!  This time I will be put in a safe place, no rats!  

Wow this Daddy use to live in the Dr.'s neighborhood!  Small world.  He even got to visit his childhood home a few blocks away.  Now they live far away.  Happy trips the two of you.

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