Sunday, 6 March 2016

Tuffy the Christmas Bear Gone Bad

This little guy has been really loved!  I wasn't sure what went where?!  Strings and bits of fabric all over the place.  

What is with the giant lump on the side of his head...poor guy.  Looks like high school all over again.

The back view isn't much better.  Mega clean up for Mr. Tuffy.

We removed all of his tattered rags and this is what was underneath it all.   He looks a little strange with the one white ear, but that was under his hat!  Wow was he white!!!!

As you can see we have to really wash him well in order to clean him, the difficulty with which is that it will never be as white as it was. 

 The back side is not much better

Renewed Tuffy!!  We couldn't believe how white he got.  We redid his outfitting with a old red and green t-shirt and appliqued his name on his hat.  


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