Sunday, 13 March 2016

Hand Made Japanese Silk Bunny Meets Dog!!!!

This was a sad day for this little Bunny and for the momma of this small bunny.  She was so upset that the momma threw the stuffy in the trash.  Fortunately for her, her boyfriend found it in the trash.  He knew that this little stuffy meant a lot to the momma and pulled it out and google Teddy Bear Doctor.  And he found "The Doctor".

This was a first for the Doctor - Japanese fabric - not easy to fine.  But with a little research - walking to the local Antique Kimono Shop on Main!  The owner told the Doctor of a local artist/ fabric store Lorna of  the Asian and Batik Quilting Fabric store that she might have some fabric that would match the bunny.

Full story and pictures: Asian and Batik Quilting Fabric - Lorna's Blog

bunny 4.jpg
After Picture
A letter from Charles, the boyfriend who pulled the rabbit from the trash.
"Oh my goodness! What an absolutely amazing job you've done! I can't thank you enough! I must have missed the email when you sent it, Im so glad you mentioned it again, I'm sorry I didn't see it sooner!

I'm totally speechless, I never knew it was possible to repair something so well that I was convinced was done for.

Thank you again, Terra will adore it!


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